Our Team

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Our team at K-Five represents the best in the industry. Currently in the fourth generation, still family owned and operated, K-Five is committed to being a world-class, innovative provider of infrastructure solutions.  From project managers to accounting, from estimators to quality control, from management to laborers and foremen, the depth of our knowledge and the range of our experience in the construction industry is illustrated in our employees. We are proud and honored to work with all of the talented individuals that make up our K-Five family.

Robert G. Krug, President

Jennifer Krug McNaughton, Executive Vice President

Bill Cahill, Chief Operating Officer

Brian Gormsen, General Manager of Manufacturing

Christina Janik, Manager of Human Resources

Mark Lindbloom, Operations

Keri Vester, Project Management

Joe Bodzioch, Chief Estimator

Gina Portschy, Controller

Rick Sniegowski, Vice President

Jon McDonnell, Shop Manager

Mark Sniegowski, Vice President/CFO

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